A Renovator’s Dream in progress

Continuing on my series  A Renovator’s Dream – repurposing discarded materials – to be presented at the exhibition In Transit in Sydney at Depot II Gallery from 7 to 17 July (invitation coming…)

a renovator's dream in progress

Je continue à préparer ma série “Un Rêve de Rénovateur » – en recyclant des matériaux qui ont été jetés – et qui sera présentée à l’exposition En Transit à Sydney à la Galerie Depot II du 7 au 17 juillet prochain

In memoriam, Rosemary

In honour of my dear friend Rosemary, I will be wearing this necklace tomorrow at her funeral.

En l’honneur de ma chère amie Rosemary, je porterai ce collier demain à ses obsèques.

In memoriam, Rosie 1
In memoriam, Rosie 1

Her obituary reads: “her talent, intelligence, humour, integrity and loyalty has enriched the lives of family, friends, fellow musicians, colleagues and patients. Her life was a brilliant one.”

Sa nécrologie dit que : « son talent, son intelligence, son humour, son intégrité et sa loyauté a enrichi la vie de sa famille, ses amis, ses confrères musiciens, ses collègues et ses patients. Sa vie a été brillante »

She was fully in my heart and mind this last week as she inspired me in my studio, upcycling trashed plastic pipes into necklaces.

Elle était très présente dans mon cœur et mon esprit cette semaine passée pendant qu’elle m’inspirait dans mon atelier a “upcycling” des tuyaux de plastiques jetes en colliers.

In memoriam, Rosie 2
In memoriam, Rosie 2

With much love.

drift line

These two artworks speak of the making of my new identity as a French woman migrant in Australia and emerging artist.

They show two levels of appropriation and interpretation:

Firstly, I assembled shards found on the beach, remnants of earlier European settlement. I staged these found objects as one would of living characters; I enjoyed the play of their relationships.

drift line 4
drift line 4 – © Blandine Halle 2014

During that period of assemblage, I wrote about my emotions.

In a second phase I photographed my sculpture and digitally edited it. By including my writing into the image I put myself into the landscape. I created a sense of belonging.

drift line 5
drift line 5 – © Blandine Hallé 2014

rubble mirror

rubble mirror 3 © Blandine Hallé
rubble mirror 3
© Blandine Hallé

I pick up a piece of rubble on the beach, I pick up myself

What do I make of it?  What do I make of me?

Discarded, junk, rubbish that no one cares about, on this deserted beach

What do I see?

I see patina, cracks and lines left by time, tensions, and pulls in different directions

I see roughness and smoothness together in contrasting beauty

I see character that stands out amongst uniformity

I see potential of something more, once associated with others

Shall I leave the rubble there, to be taken away by the ocean?


Washed away, drowned

The water slowly making materiality dissolves

Opening cracks like open wounds

Slowly bringing it back to sand to disappear in the ground

Or shall I bring it home? Safe inside

On the table, shall I give it company or leave it alone?

It has a life of its own and spontaneously finds its place

A dialogue opens up with who is already sitting there

Contrasting lines, complementary textures, shades of colours

The play is exquisite and all-consuming

Pleasure and delight

That’s what a piece of rubble picked up on the beach gives me.