B.Halle_studio_2BW_photo Brendan Hutchens:Vammedia

I grew up and lived in Paris until I was 26 and travelled extensively. I have been living in Australia since 1997. In 2017, I received a Postgraduate Diploma of Contemporary Applied Arts at the Massana School of Arts & Design in Barcelona. I hold an Advanced Diploma of Jewellery Design from Central Institute of Technology, a Graduate Diploma of Education and a Bachelor Degree from Curtin University in Perth.

From my studio near Fremantle in Western Australia I creates unique pieces of art jewellery with a strong sense of narrative where I explores questions of identity and sense of place in relation to landscape, environment, culture and history.

My art practice draws on my eclectic background and functions like a language. I use materials as you would use words for metaphors in a poem. My creative process works through play, I am interested in the relationships between shapes, textures and colours. I like to experiment with techniques and processes.

I enjoy giving a new life to objects I gather from the natural and urban environment when they are normally at the end of their life cycle. Fruits stones and pods, plant materials, bones, recycled wood and found objects go through a precise process of transformation to reveal their hidden beauty. 

In the form of storytelling, my artwork is a commentary on my emotional, cultural and sensory experiences as a French-Australian.

In her essay for Connexions exhibition, Laura Deakin wrote:

Hallé uses symbols and materiality seeing “matter as language”. With an understanding that can be read like your favourite dog-eared book, she incorporates native Australian wood and everyday seeds with the hexagon (a symbol of France) and the circle (a symbol of Australia) to tell a quiet story of unity.

“The relationship I have with the environment is similar to the one I have with people, with no hierarchy, each part having an equal place in my heart and mind. There is no ‘you’ and ‘me’ or ‘humans’ and ‘plants’ and ‘animals’. There is only ‘us’. We are all interconnected.”