The day 100 became 40

Antoinette & Blandine, November 2010
Antoinette & Blandine, November 2010

Edited on 13/1/2016: I had originally intended to do 100 necklaces in 100 days, but decided to reduce the project to 40 necklaces in 40 days. Here is why below, on 4/11/15 I wrote:

I slept on it instead of losing sleep over it – I think the decision was made last night but I needed the hours of sleep and the morning pottering around the house and the garden to get used to the shift in my focus and attention, from planning, designing and making a necklace every day to stop doing that and get used to the idea (with all the organising) of going to Paris soon to be closer to my mum at this time when she is unwell.

So that’s it, no necklace today – there might be some signs of withdrawal for a few days but you will get used to it 🙂

This morning I thought of the environmentalist’s saying “there is only one planet”, I applied it to my situation and thought “there is only one mum”… As I was looking for a photo of mum (Antoinette) and I in my digital archive, I came across this one that was taken in the family holiday house. It made me laugh then, and makes me laugh now: mum had obviously been looking for a plumbing bracket, she found none, so she got creative! I know where I get it from…

creativity runs in the family
creativity runs in the family

Note le 13/1/16: J’avais a l’origine l’intention de faire 1 collier par jour pendant 100 jours. J’ai reduit le projet a 40 jours, voici pourquoi ci-dessous; j’ai ecris le 4/11/15:

J’ai dormi dessus au lieu de perdre le sommeil à y penser – je crois que la décision était prise hier soir mais j’avais besoin des heures de sommeil et du matin à aller et venir dans la maison et le jardin pour m’habituer au changement de focus et d’attention. Je passe de planifier, dessiner, fabriquer un collier chaque jour à arrêter de faire cela et m’habituer à l’idée d’aller à Paris prochainement et toute l’organisation de cela implique, afin d’être proche de maman en cette période où elle est ne va pas bien.

Alors voilà, pas de collier aujourd’hui – vous aurez peut-être des signes de sevrage pendant quelques jours mais vous vous y habituerez 🙂

Ce matin j’ai pensé à l’expression écologiste « nous n’avons qu’une seule planète », j’ai appliqué cela à ma situation et j’ai pensé « nous n’avons qu’une seule maman »… Alors que je cherchais une photo de maman (Antoinette) et moi dans mes archives numériques, j’ai trouvé celle-ci qui a été prise dans la maison familiale de vacances. Elle m’avait fait rire alors, elle me fait rire maintenant : de façon évidente maman a cherché un collet de serrage pour le tuyau ; n’en trouvant pas elle a été créative ! Je sais de qui je tiens…

7 thoughts on “The day 100 became 40

  1. Dear Blandine, Perhaps there will be a neckpiece from bicycle parts in the future. Your Mother’s use of the bell is marvellously ingenious and very much in the mode of your present explorations of things/materials,….. so look to the bike!!

    Very best wishes, Jacquie.

  2. Thanks for sharing the bike bell(?) fix of your mum’s! We love her and you and see glad you are heading to be with her. Please pass along our love to her:) Hugs! Adam and Evelyn

    • How lovely to hear from you Adam & Evelyn! thank you for your kind thoughts and love that I surely pass on to mum when I see her. Yes she fixed the garden hose with a bike bell, clever hey! 🙂 lots of love to you both and Quique who must be a big boy now

  3. Hi Blandine
    Sounds like a good decision to go and spend time with your mum while you’re able to. You can always continue the next 60 necklaces when you get back – it would still be 100 days of necklaces – just not consecutively – creative thinking! Hope you’re able to enjoy your time with your mum in Paris. Best wishes Sue

    • Hi Sue, Thank you for your creative thinking – yes a project is whatever you want to make of it! the limitations are usually the ones we put ourselves in our head… It will be strange to spend the winter in Europe… Really looking forward now to spend time with mum All the best Blandine

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